Hawkwatching a job: Hawkwatching is the best possible way of tracking general population trends and the overall health of raptor populations. For this reason a crazy dedicated team of volunteer and paid hawkwatchers spend their springs and falls sitting through hours and hours of birdless skies, questioning their own sanity counting birds as they migrate across North America from specific set sites dotted about the continent. The job entails being able to put up with crappy weather, live off a diet of mainly coffee, Coke and Cheetos and mind-numbing hours sitting pondering how exactly their life turned out the way it did see, identify (to species) and successfully tally the birds as they move through. The job also infers the need to answer ridiculous questions from educate the general public about the plight of raptors on the continent and get them excited about raptors and therefore raptor conservation. This is my story….


3 Responses to About

  1. Ben C. says:

    Very funny stuff! Excellent use of the strike-through. Been there and done that but, unfortunately, not for a living.

  2. underclearskies says:

    Thanks Ben. Much appreciated. Just a few more months of hawk free days and then fall migration will be upon us. Eye’s to the skies!

  3. usabirdspot says:

    Eyes to the skies @underclearskies.

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